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Balance Math™ & More!

Grades: 2-12+

Subject(s): Critical Thinking, Mathematics

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Balance Math™ & More!

These fun, engaging books are comprised of 3 types of math puzzles. The puzzles sharpen students' critical thinking, computational, and algebraic reasoning skills.

   1.  Balance Math Puzzles require students to analyze balances to deduce the missing value
   2.  Inside-Out Math Puzzles require students to reverse their thinking, using the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction and multiplication and division to solve the puzzle.
   3.  Tic Tac Math Puzzles require students to figure out the correct order to complete all rows, columns, and diagonals.

Each Balance Math & More! book focuses on a different set of math concepts:
     •  Level 1 (Grades 2-5) focuses on addition and subtraction of whole numbers.
     •  Level 2 (Grades 4-12) focuses on multiplication and division of whole numbers, but has a few problems involving fractions.
     •  Level 3 (Grades 6-12+) involves addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication as well as fractions and decimals.

Each book's spiraling difficulty level is designed to scaffold a student's conceptual understanding of the targeted operations. Teaching suggestions and detailed solutions are included in each book. Try one of these intriguing puzzles—and then try to stop!

Balance Math™ Teaches Algebra! makes understanding equations and solving word problems easy and fun! Introducing algebra through balanced scales is a natural and exciting way to conceptually master fundamental algebraic ideas. The book's visually-simple approach engages students intuitively in step-by-step thinking. The puzzle-like problems ensure students are cognitively involved while they hone their techniques of simplifying, substituting, and writing proofs to solve simultaneous equations. Balance Math™ Teaches Algebra! is designed to move from simple to complex, with lessons scaffolding on earlier learning. Teaching suggestions and solutions are included.

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07101BBP Balance Math™ & More! Level 1 2-5 Paperback Book
price $9.99
07102BBP Balance Math™ & More! Level 2 4-12+ Paperback Book
price $9.99
07103BBP Balance Math™ & More! Level 3 6-12+ Paperback Book
price $9.99
07104BBP Balance Math™ Teaches Algebra! 4-12+ Paperback Book
price $14.99
07161BEP Balance Math™ & More! Level 1 - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY) 2-5 eBook
price $9.99
07162BEP Balance Math™ & More! Level 2 - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY) 4-12+ eBook
price $9.99
07163BEP Balance Math™ & More! Level 3 - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY) 6-12+ eBook
price $9.99
07164BEP Balance Math™ Teaches Algebra! - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY) 4-12+ eBook
price $14.99
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