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Brain Stretchers

Classic Math, Logic, and Word Problems

Grades: 5-12+

Subject(s): Mathematics

Brain Stretchers

These fun, brain-stretching activities get students excited about strengthening their core math skills, logical thinking, and problem solving.

These activities teach numeric and geometric concepts using fun charts, pictures, grids, figures, and word problems. Your students will ask to do these math activities every day! Answers included.

Item No. Title Grade Type Price Qty
00711BEP Brain Stretchers Book 1 - eBook 5-9 eBook
price $12.99
00712BEP Brain Stretchers Book 2 - eBook 5-9 eBook
price $12.99
00713BEP Brain Stretchers Book 3 - eBook 6-12+ eBook
price $12.99
00714BEP Brain Stretchers Book 4 - eBook 6-12+ eBook
price $12.99
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