Cornell Critical Thinking Tests

The most widely recognized critical thinking test—Cornell sets the standard for all critical thinking tests!

Grades: 5-12+

Subject(s): Critical Thinking, Tests

Cornell Critical Thinking Tests

The Cornell Critical Thinking Tests develop a clear picture of your students’ critical thinking abilities. The tests can be used to teach critical thinking skills, to predict students’ performance on your state proficiency exam, or for honors/AP programs, critical thinking courses, college admissions, careers, and employment.

Level X includes the following skills:
     - Induction
     - Deduction
     - Credibility
     - Identification of Assumptions

Level Z includes the skills in Level X plus:
     - Semantics
     - Definition
     - Prediction in Planning Experiments

Documentation (in the software) or the Administration Manual contains administration and scoring information, norms, consistency, reliability, item analysis, and validity. Tests may be administered as 50-minute timed or as untimed evaluations.

Test Server Software Features
     - Password Protection
     - Self-timing
     - Self grading
     - Import/Export users
     - Printable reports (basic score, comparative, and diagnostic reports)
     - Batch user/group creation and assignment
     - Test monitoring
     - Normative data based on paper test

Paper Test or Software?
Choose one or the other. Both provide the same test items. Review the Features listed above for additional benefits offered by the software.

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05504XSN Cornell Critical Thinking Test Specimen Set 5-12+ Paper Sheets
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05502PSN Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level Z
*Required component(s) sold separately*
11-12+ Paper Sheets
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05501PSN Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level X
*Required component(s) sold separately*
5-12+ Paper Sheets
price $29.99
05510 Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level X Software 5-12+
price $299.99
05511 Cornell Critical Thinking Test Level Z Software 11-12+
price $299.99
05503GBN Cornell Critical Thinking Tests Levels X & Z Administration Manual 5-12+ Paperback Book
price $8.99
05505CSO Cornell Critical Thinking Tests Levels X & Z Answer Sheets 5-12+ Paper Sheets
price $9.99
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