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Critical Thinking Activities to Improve Writing Skills

Descriptive Mysteries • Where-Abouts • Whatcha-Macallits • Arguments

Grades: 4-12+

Subject(s): Language Arts

Critical Thinking Activities to Improve Writing Skills

Critical Thinking Activities to Improve Writing Skills encourages students to think, choose their words carefully, and produce concise, accurate, detailed, and sometimes persuasive writing. For higher grades, better test scores, and effective everyday communications, few skills are more important than clear, precise writing!

Descriptive Mysteries teaches students to observe and discriminate between similarities and differences and describe objects in written detail.

Where-Abouts uses map-based activities to develop students' visual navigation, sequencing, and organizational skills as they learn to plan and write accurate directions.

Arguments uses engaging real-life dilemmas to lead students through the analysis and development of logical written arguments.

Whatcha-Macallits increases students' ability to distinguish between similar/dissimilar attributes, recognize patterns, classify, and describe classes in writing.

Teaching Support
All books include activity guidelines and Whatcha-Macallits also contains the answers.

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07911PEP Arguments - eBook 4-12+ eBook
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07913PEP Descriptive Mysteries - eBook 4-8 eBook
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07914BEP Whatcha-Macallits - eBook 4-12+ eBook
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