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Hands-On Thinking Skills

Grades: K-1

Critical Thinking

Hands-On Thinking Skills

Grades: K-1

Critical Thinking

  •  Award Winner

The fun, mind-building activities in this 256-page book develop spatial, verbal, motor, visual, and analytical thinking skills necessary for success in reading, writing, math, and science. Students have fun building manipulative relationships on each activity page using attribute blocks, pattern blocks, or interlocking cubes (sold separately or with the book as a set). Activities and units are sequentially developed to keep students’ interest level high. Activities encourage verbal analysis to build vocabulary and to maximize verbal and spatial skill synthesis.

The concepts covered in this book include:

Identifying Similarities and Differences
Shapes: Matching, Finding, Dividing, and Completing
Figures: Copying and Covering

Forming and Following Sequences and Patterns
Tracking, Paths, Copying, Completing Shapes, and Folding Figures and Paper

Classifying Objects and Groups
Objects: Color, Shape, and Size
Groups: Shape, Color, Describing, Adding, Separating, Forming, Defining, and Identifying Common Properties

Creating/Interpreting Analogies
Shape, Color, Size, Position, and Pattern

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04900XIP Hands-On Thinking Skills Book/Manipulative Set K-1 Program / Kit

List Price: $65.96

Sale Price $58.99

04901PBP Hands-On Thinking Skills
*Required components sold separately*
K-1 Paperback Book
price $23.99
04911PEP Hands-On Thinking Skills - eBook
*Required components sold separately*
K-1 eBook
price $23.99
05215CUO Attribute Blocks PreK-1 Manipulatives
price $20.99
05216CUO Interlocking Cubes PreK-1 Manipulatives
price $11.99
05224CUO Pattern Blocks PreK-1 Manipulatives
price $8.99
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