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Science Detective®

Higher-Order Thinking • Reading • Writing in Science

Teaches standards-based science as it develops reading, writing, and critical thinking skills!

Grades: 3-6

Subject(s): Science

Science Detective® Series

Science Detective® uses topics and skills drawn from national science standards to prepare students for more advanced science courses and new assessments that measure reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing in science.

First, students read lessons that include a variety of charts, tables, and graphs. Then, they answer critical thinking questions to improve their understanding of the science concepts and develop their reading comprehension, inferential and deductive thinking skills. Students can’t just scan the story for answers—they must carefully analyze and synthesize the information from the text and the charts, tables, and graphs to explain and support their answers.

Teaching Support
Includes teacher and student introductions, a chart of topics and key ideas to help select activities, and detailed answers.

Book or Software?
Choose one or the other. Whichever one you choose, you can't go wrong. Review the features listed below for additional benefits offered by the software.

Software Features
     - 41-45 activities
     - Multi-user login (Win only)
     - Single-user login (App versions)

     - Self-tutoring: detailed instructions, hints, and explanations of answers
     - Printable student scores 
     - Self-grading
     - Saves unfinished activities
     - Printable (Win only) progress/award certificates

Downloadable Software/eBook Ordering
eBooks are electronic versions of the book pages. You can immediately download your downloadable software or eBook from "My Account" under the "My Downloadable Product" section after you place your order.

Item No. Title Grade Type Price Qty
05001BBP Science Detective® Beginning 3-4 Paperback Book
price $19.99
05002BBP Science Detective® A1 5-6 Paperback Book
price $21.99
05060BEP Science Detective® Beginning - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY) 3-4 eBook
price $19.99
05061BEP Science Detective® A1 - eBook (WINDOWS ONLY) 5-6 eBook
price $21.99
Win Software
05041SDH Science Detective® Beginning Software - 2-PCs Windows Download 3-4 Win Download
price $17.99
05041SDI Science Detective® Beginning Software - 6-PCs Windows Download 3-4 Win Download
price $35.99
05042SDH Science Detective® A1 Software - 2-PCs Windows Download 5-6 Win Download
price $19.99
05042SDI Science Detective® A1 Software - 6-PCs Windows Download 5-6 Win Download
price $39.99
iOS App
05041HDJ Science Detective® Beginning App for iPad 3-4 Tablet App
05042HDJ Science Detective® A1 App for iPad 5-6 Tablet App
Android App
05041HDG Science Detective® Beginning App for Android Tablet 3-4 Tablet App
05042HDG Science Detective® A1 App for Android Tablet 5-6 Tablet App
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