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Scratch Your Brain®

Clever Math Ticklers

Grades: 2-12+

Subject(s): Mathematics

Scratch Your Brain®

Scratch Your Brain® activities develop your students' math and problem solving skills. These fun activities boost competence, confidence, and test scores while helping students make the transition to higher level mathematics.

Each book contains a variety of engaging, often humorous activities, puzzles, patterns, sequences, writing multi-step solutions, and more. Scratch Your Brain® also encourages brainstorming and teaches students there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. Activities are sequenced by difficulty throughout each book and each chapter to allow students to gradually build their skills.

Teaching Support
Includes detailed solutions and a skills matrix to help teachers match the activities to students' needs.

Item No. Title Grade Type Price Qty
09926BEP Scratch Your Brain® A1 - eBook 2-3 eBook
price $15.99
09927BEP Scratch Your Brain® B1 - eBook 4-5 eBook
price $15.99
09928BEP Scratch Your Brain® C1 - eBook 6-8 eBook
price $15.99
09936BEP Scratch Your Brain® Geometry - eBook 8-12+ eBook
price $19.99
09937BEP Scratch Your Brain® Algebra - eBook 7-12+ eBook
price $19.99
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