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Verbal Picture Puzzles

Grades: 4-12+

Subject(s): Critical Thinking


Think-A-Grams popular picture puzzles bring together students’ logical/ objective (left-brain) and random/subjective (right-brain) thinking to sharpen their language and visual skills. Students analyze the way words are written (e.g., size, position, direction) to solve each puzzle using common idioms and words.

As students solve each puzzle, they’ll improve:

  - Spatial and creative reasoning
  - Visual discrimination/visual memory
  - Word memory and word retrieval
  - Vocabulary

Best of all, they’ll have a great time doing these fun puzzlers!

Teaching Support
Answers are included. Grade level based on vocabulary. Difficulty does not increase within each level.

Item No. Title Grade Type Price Qty
06301BBP Think-A-Grams A1 4-6 Paperback Book
price $10.99
06304BBP Think-A-Grams A2 4-6 Paperback Book
price $10.99
06302BBP Think-A-Grams B1 7-8 Paperback Book
price $10.99
06303BBP Think-A-Grams C1 9-12+ Paperback Book
price $10.99
06311BEP Think-A-Grams A1 - eBook 4-6 eBook
price $10.99
06314BEP Think-A-Grams A2 - eBook 4-6 eBook
price $10.99
06312BEP Think-A-Grams B1 - eBook 7-8 eBook
price $10.99
06315BEP Think-A-Grams B2 - eBook 7-8 eBook
price $10.99
06313BEP Think-A-Grams C1 - eBook 9-12+ eBook
price $10.99
06316BEP Think-A-Grams C2 - eBook 9-12+ eBook
price $10.99
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