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The Critical Thinking Co. offers fun educational games and coursework in all of the major subjects. The Critical Thinking Co. products were designed with the global student in mind, so they meet or exceed most state and all federal standards. Whether you need a complete curriculum or you just want some resources to help your student get ahead, The Critical Thinking Co. is a proven-effective option.

The Critical Thinking Co. games cover all of the major subjects, including math, science, reading, writing, history, and the social sciences. Unlike many educational games on the market, The Critical Thinking Co. educational games put education first and entertainment second. The secret lies in teaching kids how to think and discover the correct solutions or answers. This captures their imaginations and keeps them engaged.

Students who are taught how to learn rather than being drilled and filled with seemingly disconnected facts and figures are perfectly capable of teaching themselves. They still need a teacher to guide them but they gain the ability to piece together information to deduce the correct answers. This approach, where students figure out answers rather than memorize them, is being all but abandoned in this day of standardized testing.

The Critical Thinking Co. educational games improve logic and reasoning skills through the popular Mind Benders and Building Thinking Skills series, language and vocabulary skills, through Language Smarts and Word Roots, and much more. The Critical Thinking Co. games also teach math, grammar and punctuation, problem solving, deductive reasoning, critical questioning, and most other standard skills a student needs. Whether used as complete curricula or as educational supplements, The Critical Thinking Co. products improve student performance.

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