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Are Your Kids Exceeding State And Federal Standards?

Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option for parents as the public school system in the US has steadily declined. Though someday--hopefully--that downward trend will be reversed, parents needing immediate results often turn to homeschooling rather than paying expensive, private school tuition. These parents then come up against the problem facing professional educators, making certain that students meet or exceed state and federal standards.

The Critical Thinking Co. provides both core-curriculum and supplemental homeschool solutions that meet federally mandated standards as well as many state standards. The Critical Thinking Co. books and software go even further, though, to produce students who perform beyond what the government expects through curricula that focus on critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving in all subjects.

Logic and reasoning obviously apply to math and science, but their application to other subjects like history, language, and social studies is just as important. The Critical Thinking Co. products teach children the facts and fundamentals, but they also encourage students to ask questions and to formulate answers based on those fundamentals. Whether for a Pre-K head start or for college preparation, The Critical Thinking Co. helps students learn to think for themselves.

The Critical Thinking Co. has been producing products and curricula for homeschool and gifted programs for 50 years. Unlike many other products, The Critical Thinking Co. guarantees better grades or your money back.

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