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Creative Problem Solving

Fun, Engaging Activities to Stretch Imagination and Develop Better Analytical Skills

Grades: PreK-2

Critical Thinking

Creative Problem Solving Level 1

Grades: PreK-2

Critical Thinking

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Creative problem solving requires more than just knowledge and thinking. Creative problem solving is the process of independently creating a solution. Numerous studies, including ones from the US Department of Education, indicate that tomorrow's jobs will demand creative problem solving skills. Imagination is unlimited power. Someone who has a good imagination can create what does not yet exist.

This book provides educators with fun, highly engaging problems for students to practice creative problem solving. Students have to evaluate the problem to come up with a workable solution. If a student does not like to draw or cannot write, verbal explanations can be given. Verbal discussions can be a good classroom activity. There are no right or wrong solutions, but students should be able to rationally explain why their solution will work.

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