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Critical Thinking for Reading Comprehension - eBook

First 10 Activities

Grades: 1-4

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

Grades: 1-4

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

eBook - $4.99
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Description & Features

This is the first 10 activities in the book Critical Thinking for Reading Comprehension that teach the identification and evaluation of text and image-based information using short, fun activities. In simple, understandable terms, 'Critical Thinking' is the identification and evaluation of evidence to guide decision making. To help students not familiar with the concept of evidence, there is a short lesson on evidence at the beginning of the book. The activities in this book are ideal for class discussion problems and independent student work once students understand the level of careful reading and critical thinking needed to successfully answer the questions.

To maximize the amount of thinking and reading comprehension in these questions, students should verbally describe their evidence/rationale for each answer—even incorrect answers. Finding the best evidence for the correct answer is really what these activities are all about.

It is highly recommended that you review the detailed answers for an activity before passing it out to students. These questions require thinking and will challenge students—and teachers—that do not read them carefully and think critically about the problem and question. Knowing the answer and evidence for a question will make it easier for you to always lead the student towards the correct evidence without giving the student the answer.

The detailed answers in the book identify the evidence in each relevant sentence and/or picture. When a student answers a question incorrectly and provides his or her rationale, the student should be informed if the answer is incorrect and given an opportunity to find the correct answer and evidence. If an answer is correct but lacks the correct evidence, the student should be informed of that and given another opportunity to identify the evidence for the answer.

The activities in this book are different from standard reading comprehension activities in that they are “low read” but do require careful reading and critical thinking to identify the answers. After just a few activities, most students come to understand the importance of reading comprehension and evidence. This is not just a school skill; this is a life skill.

The activities are challenging, but also fun once a student has the confidence and determination to find the evidence leading to the correct answer. I strongly suggest teachers tell students that these questions require both careful reading and critical thinking, so they should take their time answering each question. If students struggle finding the correct answers, I suggest working through the questions together until the students build some confidence, and they begin to enjoy the challenge.

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Product Details

Item#: 13111BEP
Author(s): Michael Baker
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: eBook
License: Printable
ISBN–13: 978-0-89455-842-9
Pages: 18, Color

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