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Crypt-O-Words Jr.

Grades: 2-5

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

Grades: 2-5

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

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Description & Features

Crypt-O-Words Jr. is an 80-page activity book for a fun and interesting way to teach advanced vocabulary. This book is built in a way that enables it to be used with a wide range of ages and grades from early elementary to middle school, depending on the student’s level of skill and interest in language arts. Crypt-O-Words focuses on recommended vocabulary lists for PSAT and SAT test prep.

The vocabulary is “Caught, not Taught” through engaging activities like hidden-word texts, puzzles, and decoding ciphers. The books reinforce many language arts standards including Greek and Latin roots, analogies, word structure, vocabulary, and a variety of poetic forms. In addition, the activities incorporate famous quotes, historical references, science, etymology, a variety of word puzzles, and group “games” that serve to further cement the meaning of words in the student’s mind and practical usage.

The activities vary in format, but students will encounter and practice new words repeatedly and in a variety of contexts. Each lesson also includes space for the student to practice writing and spelling each new vocabulary word. Teaching suggestions and detailed answers are also included.

Product Details

Item#: 13001BBP
Author(s): Donna Lasher
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Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-998-6
Pages: 80

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"This book has been such a fantastic addition to my ELA curriculum this year. I have a combined 4th and 5th grade ELA class of all gifted learners. Planning can be quite a challenge, but this book has been a lifesaver!

The vocabulary is just right for them. In most cases, they have not yet encountered the words in everyday life, but they are relevant enough to easily incorporate them into their daily vocabulary. In fact, they love the challenge of using crypt-o-words in the classroom and at home. I often hear stories of how they "wow" their families with the words.

The activities are highly engaging. I allow students to work with their classmates to solve the puzzles. I don't mind giving hints when necessary because I always remind them that the real purpose of the activity is to learn the crypt-o-word. We do one new word per week, with the two-page activity taking about 30 minutes to complete. Now that we have learned ten new words, the students want to create a quiz with them. Student-driven learning at its best!

My favorite thing about this book is the students' excitement for learning each new word in this fun, interesting way. This week, one of my students asked if he could take an extra crypt-o-word paper home to his older sister because he thought she would really enjoy doing it!" - Teresa, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Cleveland, Ohio
"It's hard to find materials that help students learn meaningful vocabulary words without boring them with worksheets and unnecessary repetition. This book is filled with fun and engaging activities that challenge the students to explore different ways to enhance their vocabulary. It is filled with famous quotes, science, history analogies..........No two activities are the same. Definitely a game changer for any teacher wanting to advance their students learning. My students love this book!" - Mrs. Horan's GT Class, San Antonio
"Each lesson is divided into two to six sections. Students can complete one or more sections per day. Every lesson uses different types of activities. The Crypt-O-Word books don't cover enough vocabulary words to serve as your sole vocabulary program for a year, but they do double duty by working on vocabulary words and critical thinking at the same time. Children who enjoy solving word and letter puzzles should enjoy them.

There are quite a few code puzzles, and few of them are alike. Some activities use synonyms, antonyms, or analogies. Many activities, especially in the book for grades four through seven, require students to apply critical thinking skills. The book for younger students includes simpler activities, including a few that require drawing, such as 'Draw a scene that illustrates the word'." - Cathy Duffy, Westminster, CA