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Elementary Math Games

Classroom-Tested Math Activities

Grades: 3-5


Grades: 3-5


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Description & Features

Spark the interest of even the most indifferent math student! There are 20 games in the Grades 3-5 book. The games build number sense, operational fluency, problem-solving strategies and give teachers and parents an alternative method to assess student performance and understanding. The math concepts and skills covered in each game are listed under each game, so teachers can select the appropriate games for the curriculum they are teaching.

Most of the games require only pencil, paper, and a pair of dice or a spinner. Each game has been classroom-tested numerous times and comes with clear, concise instructions and all reproducible master sheets necessary for playing. Instructions include a simple way to play a less challenging variation of the game or a more challenging variation. Instructions also include questions for further discovery, as well as, technology tips and teacher-management tips.

These games are also very helpful assessment tools since students love the games and are not reluctant to ask for help, because it improves their chances of winning the game. It is also common to hear students discuss and share their strategies with their peers. A study of the latest educational research has corroborated that there are a myriad of ways that games help children become proficient math learners.

  • Meaningful situations – for the application of mathematical skills
  • Motivation – children enjoy playing
  • Positive attitude – games reduce the fear of failure and error
  • Increased learning – increased interaction between children and more opportunities to test intuitive ideas and problem solving strategies
  • Different levels – games allow children to operate at different levels of thinking
  • Assessment – children’s thinking becomes apparent through actions and decisions they make during a game

Concepts for Grades 3-5
- Number Sense
- Operational Skills
- Place Value
- Decimals
- Fractions
- Characteristics of Numbers: Multiples and Factors, Prime and Composite Numbers, Perfect Squares
- Math Vocabulary and Symbols
- Formulating Math Problem-Solving Strategies

Product Details

Item#: 12001GBP
Author(s): Miryam Alter
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Instruction/Answer Guide
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-932-0
Pages: 160, perforated


Tillywig Brain Child Award, 2018

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"The games are a great way to reinforce new math concepts but are equally as great for reviewing math lessons previously learned. In our case, Quinton learned some new math concepts while playing the games. Talk about a fun way to learn math! " - Jennifer,
"Elementary Math Games is a great, fun way to review and learn new math skills. We have really enjoyed both practicing and learning math skills with the four games we have played multiple times so far. I do now wonder if I am a bit behind in teaching some things to the children. I was a bit surprised to see games that included such things as factors, multiples, prime numbers, and order of operations in a book that is meant for children as young as third grade. Even my older girls didn't know all this information. So, I am using the opportunity of having these skills in game form to teach the children, making sure to explain as we go, and work things out for them when needed. " - Karen W, Homeschooling Mom
"The very 1st game we tried was game 1, Greater than, less than. Were we used dice and activity sheet where we tried to keep the sum of the numbers on the left side greater than the sum of the numbers on the right side of the equation. Kaden's favorite, he could have done this all day long. There are so many great games that make learning math so much fun, it honestly doesn't feel like learning at all. We slip in math games usually once a week or so, but since we have had this book Kaden has done something from it almost every single day. I think this is a perfect supplement during math time. Once or twice a week it's super fun to be able to do something different, to have fun and laugh while concreting these concepts and skills we are always so pressured to make sure our children know. Forget drills and pop quizzes a few times a week and have fun with learning. Kaden has gotten a ton of use out of this book and said this would be perfect during summer school. " - Sheila, CA, United States
"We enjoyed playing the games. Depending on who was playing, I adapted the rules. For instance, I let my third grader get away with just adding or subtracting in some games instead of requiring her to multiply, because she’s only just started memorizing the times table. I also didn’t require my fourth grader to do all of the extra writing in some games, because that is something he struggles with. Always remember that you can adapt these as needed, and your kids will still be practicing important math skills. If you’re looking to add some fun to your math with third-fifth graders, I highly recommend this product!" - Lisa,
"Elementary Math Games (Grades 3-5) has a wide variety of games to suit the needs of students in that age range and a little above. Not every game will suit all children. My 4th grader for example has not yet learned anything about decimals in her math curriculum so we would not play any of the games or variations now but in a year or two could use those. The chart in the back of the book will help you choose the games that uses concepts that your child already knows. I love that you do not need a lot of fancy supplies to play the games and that the reproducibles are included. The variations allow you to play the games multiple times without the student getting bored with the same old thing." - Lisa,
"There are 20 games included in this book, and several of the games have multiple variations to play, which means there are many ways to play and adapt the games depending upon the skills and needs of your children. The vast majority of the games can be played easily with 2 or more children, but there are a couple that would work best with large groups, such as a classroom or co-op situation. What I like about this book, is that you don’t have to start at the beginning and work your way through in order. You can pick and choose which games to play, which comes in handy to align the games with the topics your children are learning in math class. In this way it’s easier to reinforce the concepts in a different and more engaging way. I also like that there’s a variety of games that are both more calm, as well as ones that get the kids up and moving." - Crystal,
"I really enjoyed playing these games with McKenzie and how they reinforced math concepts that she is learning now and ones she has already learned. She likes hands-on learning and these games provided that needed learning style for her. My plan is to keep incorporating these games into her learning each week and to purchase the middle school edition for my middle schooler, Montana. " - Jacquelin C ,
"Math can get quite dry, real fast. But playing math games can make this boring subject become more fun and make math learning much easier. All of these games are all lots of fun and help to review elementary math! I really appreciated that there are examples for each game. The instructions are clear and I had no trouble learning the games to teach them to Nutsy. I also really liked it that they provided a download to reproduce the game sheets and cards. Because of this, you can truly play these over and over again. And there are more than 20 games in here! Quite a few have different variations, which are perfect for different levels of elementary math." - Charlotte G, California
"I LOVED this product. The games were easy to adapt to multiple levels of play. We began each game using your standard 6-sided dice, and as we became familiar with it, we were able to make the game more difficult by using varying dice. It was very easy to organize and prep for each game. My kids loved playing the games and the change in routine that it provided. I noticed their vocabulary, and thinking skills increasing as we played the games.

The kid’s view
Kisha. Age 11. 5th grade. “When my mom first showed me the book, I almost rolled my eyes. When she promised me it would be fun, I thought she was joking. But, I loved playing these games. We had so much fun that I didn’t feel like I was doing school work. I have asked mom if we can play the games this summer when we aren’t doing work, and she has promised me we can. We didn’t through all the games, so I am excited to learn the new ones. My favorite game was “Clap Your Hands! Stomp Your Feet” because we were able to move around.”

Josiah. Age 10. 4th grade. “It was so fun playing these games. We laughed a lot. I began to think about numbers in a different way. When we played “Greater Than, Less Than” it helped me remember which way the sign would go, and I really had to think about where I placed my numbers. Placing a number in the wrong spot meant I might lose.”" - Joanna Y, Home Is Where The Heart Is
"Parents, students and educators have reason to cheer! This collection of carefully crafted, classroom-tested math games is a remarkably effective means of igniting in children a lasting enthusiasm for mathematics. Students enjoyably explore a wide range of essential math concepts and skills that include number sense, operational fluency, problem-solving strategies, decimals, fractions, math vocabulary, and much more! The instructions' clarity and brevity let kids dive right in and begin learning by doing, with multiple play variations per game that allow challenge levels to be tailored to students' needs and abilities. The concepts and skills covered by each activity are listed at its outset, making it exceedingly easy for teachers to choose games appropriate for the curriculum they are teaching on any given day. Most of the games require only pencil, paper, and a pair of dice or a spinner and include reproducible master sheets for maximum replay value. Includes 19 games for grades 3 through 5." - Tillywig Brain Child Award Review,