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Fun-Time Phonics!™ App for iPhone/iPad

Learning to Read

Grades: PreK-2

Language Arts

Full Curriculum

Grades: PreK-2

Language Arts

Full Curriculum

  •  Multiple Award Winner

Description & Features

This multi-user software app is a fun, comprehensive reading program based on findings of the National Reading Commission. It uses two robots to teach lessons and activities to show children that spoken words are composed of individual sounds, and those sounds are written with letters. It emphasizes sound/spelling patterns, vocabulary, and comprehension, not memorization. The colorful game-like activities engage students through listening, thinking, speaking, and reading.

This app ensures phonemic awareness mastery by focusing on vowel isolation which is commonly the most challenging, but most important part of learning to read. The colorful activities engage students through listening, thinking, speaking, and reading.

The app is composed of these four sections:

 Section 1:  Teaches children that words are made up with sounds. Activities include beginning sounds, ending sounds, vowel sounds, and words that rhyme.
 Section 2:  Teaches children each short vowel sound and the letter that makes that sound.
 Section 3:  This section teaches consonant-vowel coarticulation, so children learn that each consonant uses short vowels to make different sounds that are used to form words that are read.
 Section 4:  Teaches children to combine their new knowledge of consonant-vowel coarticulation and ending sounds to read their first words.

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Product Details

Item#: 10221HDJ
Author(s): Robert Femiano
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Type: iOS App
License: iTunes App Store

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Available for most iPhones and iPads at the iTunes App Store


Educational App Store - Teacher Certified, 4-Star Rating Learning® Magazine 2018 Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom Tillywig Brain Child Award, 2015

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"The premise behind the app is to help young children learn how to read through a fun and interactive way. Two fun, and accessible robots help guide young people through the learning of reading via phonemic awareness and there are plenty of interactive elements that keep the user engage throughout. The game play elements within the app certainly add a lot to its appeal and will have users coming back repeatedly, a strength of the app, as it is only through sustained practice that young children learn to read proficiently. The app itself is extremely easy to use and the user can maneuver their way around the app simply. The design adds to this as there are no ‘extras’ in terms of design that distract from the learning and the usability of the app, everything that is on the screen has clearly been thought through to maximize the learning as much as possible. - See more at:" - Educational App Store, Teacher Review,
"With Fun-Time Phonics!, children are introduced to the joy of reading through a series of exercises that parents, teachers, and students find fun and engaging. The book contains 100 short activities that teach phonemic and alphabetic skills while introducing vocabulary. The initial 14 lessons make children aware of the connection between speech and print through a series of simple, playful pre-reading exercises. Special attention is given to awareness of the middle vowel sound so essential to learning to read. The next section introduces the alphabet - first vowels, then consonants and co-articulation of consonants with vowels. The book's final six activities move kids into reading and understanding over 150 three-letter words. The wealth of game-like activities and colorful illustrations feel like play rather than work, allowing kids to enjoy themselves immensely while acquiring the skills and confidence that lead to fluency." - Tillywig Brain Child Award Review,