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Inference Jones Level 1 Software - 2-PCs Win Download

Using Higher-Order Thinking to Improve Critical Reading and Comprehension

Grades: 5-6

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

Grades: 5-6

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

  •  Multiple Award Winner
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Description & Features

This app provides short, fun, and easy-to-use reading comprehension activities that improve critical reading and higher-order thinking skills. The activities focus on developing the student's ability to draw inferences from written text as they identify and evaluate evidence. Questions following all stories teach students to evaluate details that at first seemed insignificant but are actually meaningful! These activities develop a depth of analysis that guarantees superior inferential and reading comprehension skills for top grades and higher test scores!

Research shows inferential reasoning is a prerequisite component to superior reading comprehension. The National Foundation for Educational Research concluded that "the ability to draw inferences predetermines reading skills: that is, poor inferential reasoning causes poor comprehension and not vice versa." We all make inferences in our daily lives (e.g. we naturally think a child is happy because we see them laughing). But how does this ability apply to written communication? When we read a written passage, we're actually reading a representation of the author's thoughts and ideas, because the written word does not convey a meaning in and of itself. Readers must construct the meaning through interpretation. The reader's interpretation is the result of inferential analysis which includes drawing from personal knowledge and experiences, social values, and cultural conventions. The interpretation connects a meaning to the words, providing the reader with an understanding of the character's actions, circumstances, or events in the story.

Inference Jones Level 1 includes an engaging mix of fiction and nonfiction stories to inform and entertain students as they learn and analyze. It has a readability level appropriate for Grades 5-6 but can also be used as a remedial resource for older students (Grades 7-12+).

     - 18 challenging activities
     - Multi-user
     - Saves student progress
     - Printable student scores (PC only)
     - Completion award certificate

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Item#: 09532SDH
Author(s): Robert E. Owen
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Type: Windows PC Software
Media: Download
License: 2 Computer License
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-568-1

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Platform: Windows® 10/8/7/Vista
CPU: 400 MHz or faster
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Creative Child Magazine, 2012 - Preferred Choice Award Jenkins Group Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Bronze Medal for Educational Activity Book

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"The exercises are short enough to prevent frustration, and clear enough that it’s easy for a teacher to evaluate success. So do I recommend? Wholeheartedly!" - Angela, Florida
"Inference Jones books are definitely fun--and they can be used in a variety of ways!" -
"I was pleased to find my daughter starting to understand the idea of inference in writing. After 6 lessons I began to see the results showing up in her narrations." - Taunya, Oregon
"Both of my sons are concrete thinkers. The questions from Inference Jones draw out the student and really teach the kids to read between the lines. Would I recommend this book? Without a doubt...YES!!!" - Renita, Ohio
"As a parent, I appreciated the content of the paragraphs. From being on time, to practice, to having a good attitude, many concepts we’re working on at home. To have that reinforced in their reading was like an extra bonus! Inference Jones required my children to think about feelings, emotions, ideas, and concepts that the author was trying to convey. We were very happy with the Inference Jones workbook and will definitely be using it for a part of our reading curriculum next year--for both kiddos!" - Annie, Florida
"I would highly recommend this book. I liked that my kids had to talk out why they thought their answers were correct. My son has always been a good reader, but he benefitted from using Inference Jones as much as my daughter. I also noticed a definite improvement in my daughter’s reading skills using this book. I was delighted when she sat down one day, on her own, and did about 8 lessons all in one sitting. This is unheard of for her who generally does not like ‘book work’" - Jill, New Mexico
"My 8-year-old is at about a 4th grade level in reading, grammar and comprehension and she LOVED this." - Alin, New Jersey
"My son and I recommend it wholeheartedly!" - Brandy, Arizona
"I’m thrilled that my daughter has enjoyed it so much, glad she can work on it independently and very pleased with the precise thinking skills that it helps to form." - Jennifer, Canada
"I thought the book was easy to use, and because the stories and pages were short and easy to complete I had no complaining from the kids." - Beth, West Virginia
"I loved the engaging way the material is presented to students. It is not your typical worksheet. Students had to use higher-order thinking skills to make accurate inferences. The passages were engaging and kept the students interested." - Learning® Magazine
"This is not just another reading challenge for children. Instead, the goal of the training is to teach children to make inferences in everyday life." - Ann, Home Educating Family Association

Test preparation available for the following:

Otis-Lennon School Ability Test® (OLSAT®)
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills® (ITBS®)
New York State English Language Arts (ELA) Test
Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)
State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)
Florida State Assessment (FSA)
California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR)
Terra Nova/CTBS 3rd Edition
Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT)
Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP)
Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP)
Ohio Proficiency Test
North Carolina End of Grade Tests
North Carolina Competency Tests
Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS)
Indiana Statewide Test for Educational Progress (ISTEP)
Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)
Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)
Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT)
Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA)
and many more!