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Math Analogies™ Level 2 App for iPhone/iPad

Grades: 4-5


Math Analogies™ Level 2 App

Grades: 4-5


  •  Multiple Award Winner

Description & Features

Analogies occur in life and frequently in high-stakes tests. Understanding analogies and the ability to reason analogically (reasoning used to identify, evaluate, and solve an analogy) are important problem-solving skills which are an essential part of mathematical development. The immediate benefit is to recognize and solve simple analogies. The long-term benefits are improved reasoning skills that enable students to break problems into their component parts, recognize analogies embedded in arguments, and evaluate them.

The 152 analogies in this app teach students to break problems down into their component parts, making it easier to recognize familiar formats that enable students to produce solutions. These analogies are designed around the grade-appropriate standards identified by the National Council of Teaching Mathematics.

Product Details

Item#: 08533HDJ
Author(s): Linda and Doug Brumbaugh
Type: iOS App
License: iTunes App Store
Questions: 152

System Requirements

Available for iPhones and iPads at the iTunes App Store


Creative Child Magazine, 2014 - Educational Software Media of the Year Award Dr. Toy Best Smart Play / Smart Toy Product iParenting Media Award iParenting Media Excellent Products Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented Legacy Book Award Nominee

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""Hmmm. This is different, Mom. Not bad different, but really different. What's it supposed to be teaching me?" Lol, this was Canon's first reaction to The Critical Thinking Co.'s math software download, Math Analogies level 2. He had never seen an analogy before, and he was intrigued. Being an average but eager math student, I was excited to introduce him to analogies. It gave my son a first time look in a non-threatening way to a math process that intimidates many adults. It showed me some areas that we will need to work on in the future. It was a great change of pace right in the middle of a winter slump and gave us something to look forward to in our school day. Canon enjoyed the extra screen time - he doesn't get to do a lot on Mom's laptop!" - Ammy, Schoolhouse Review Crew
"I really like using the analogies program to supplement our regular math. I think it does an excellent job helping the girls develop problem solving skills and thinking critically. Not being able to see the correct answer is a little frustrating for the girls and for me. But I understand the method of bringing back the problem in a different format to see if it can be solved that way." - Leah, SC
"I really liked the way that analogies were presented in a non-threatening way. As a child I always dreaded the analogies on test because I didn't understand the relationships given, but this gives a child practice with analogies and drawing conclusions about similarities and differences between pairs." - The Old Schoolhouse Reviewer
"Math Analogies stimulated the logical processing of my child' learning while allowing him to relate in an enjoyable manner by drawing pictures." - IParenting Reviewer
"I planned to have my first grader slowly work through his Math Analogies book all year. He finished in two weeks because he loved it so much!" - Laurie , California
"This was a great tool to have students think about math other than computation ad word problems. I like how it linked each analogy to the NCTM standards." - Reviewer, Learning® Magazine
"He loved it so much that he made it to page 10 before he knew it!" - Danielle , Homeschool Parent
"For my students, it was a great practice in preparation for the end of grade (EOG) math test." - Teacher's Choice Award Reviewer

Test preparation available for the following:

Math Analogies prepares students to achieve top scores on all state assessments including

Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® (NNAT®)
Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®)
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) / Talented and Gifted (TAG)
Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children® (WISC®)
Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™ (WPPSI™)
and many more!