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Pattern Explorer Level 1

Pattern Problems to Develop Mathematical Reasoning

Grades: 5-7


Grades: 5-7


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Description & Features

Mathematics and science can be thought of as a search for patterns and structure. This 96-page book provides rich and diverse collections of pattern problems for students to explore, investigate, discover, and create. The five different types of pattern problems found in this book are:

  • Pattern Predictor
  • Equality Explorer
  • Sequence Sleuth
  • Number Ninja
  • Function Finder

There are optional hints and detailed solutions.

From a developmental perspective, the ability to recognize a pattern signals the transition from concrete to abstract thinking. So having students explore pattern problems helps sensitize them to the discovery process that provides a foundation for authentic learning and abstraction. These activities are independent and self-contained, but tend to build on one another and get gradually more sophisticated. This collection deliberately avoids use of variables, but involves reasoning that lays a genuine foundation for algebraic thinking and technique. Calculators are never needed, and their use is discouraged.

Parents and teachers should encourage students to pursue these pattern problems with a sense of adventure and perseverance. Although this book's patterns appropriate for Grades 5-7, experiences with these activities may vary widely depending upon readiness for abstraction. There are many ways to solve and explain a pattern problem, and the solutions provided are not intended to be unique. In all situations, and at whatever pace and facility, the transition from concrete to abstract thinking is worthwhile.

Product Details

Item#: 11002BBP
Author(s): Darin Beigie
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 1-60144-713-2
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-713-5
Pages: 96, perforated


Creative Child Magazine 2015 Seal of Excellence Award, Educational Books for Kids Category

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"I really appreciated the Solutions section in the back of the workbook. It's not just an answer key. It explains how to get to the answers. I really appreciate that because there were some problems I could look at and find the answer, but I couldn't explain to my kids how to get the answer. Having it explained to me made it easier to show them the path to the answer. I wish I had gone ahead and gotten math workbooks from Critical Thinking Co. sooner! I really think this is an easy way to do a few problems each day to work on honing thinking skills. " - Meg, NJ
"It was definitely challenging, but not in a discouraging way. She did not turn away when it became difficult; the material seemed to inspire her to continue and conquer! This is a perfect supplement to whatever math curriculum your family may be using. Ideal to break up the routine, get rid of boredom and make math time more exciting. The book packs a lot of punch. Your child will be challenged. They will develop and gain skills that will benefit them for a lifetime." - Lisa, PA
"My son always loved searching for patterns, but I’ve never had an easy time finding challenging pattern activities for him (red, green, yellow, red, green, yellow just isn’t difficult for a 5th grader). Pattern Explorer turned out to be just the thing. We really enjoyed working with Pattern Explorer. It definitely challenged my son (and me, as his teacher/helper). We heartily recommend this book." - Wendy, Schoolhouse Review Crew
"Have you ever received a curriculum that your child loved so much they actually asked to do the work? Well, this was the reaction I received from my oldest daughter, who is 11 years old, when we recently reviewed Pattern Explorer from The Critical Thinking Co. I am confident that this book gave her a brand new perspective on what she originally thought patterns were and she has learned that being able to recognize a pattern is important. Overall we both thoroughly enjoyed Pattern Explorer. I loved that it allowed my daughter to not only use her math skills but a lot of critical thinking skills as well. She is learning to develop reasoning skills that are essential for mathematics and science. As always, The Critical Thinking Co. has delivered another wonderful product and I am reminded why I love this company so much. It truly is a great product and I highly recommend it! When I asked my daughter what final thing she would like to say for the review she told me to tell you all that she thinks it is awesome! " - Jennifer, OK
"Pattern recognition is said to have the highest correlation with general intelligence. Being able to recognize, identify, and create patterns definitely supports mathematics. When children understand patterns they are then able to learn what happens next. As a parent, this is extremely important to me. I want to set my kids up for success. Once I realized how much he enjoyed solving these we added it in to our weekly studies!" - Laura, Schoolhouse Crew Reviewer
"This book is a great way to reinforce math you’ve already learned—adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing-- in a different (and I’d say fun) way. If you have to record hours and subjects for your state’s homeschooling laws you might want to call this logic. If your child is struggling there are hints in the back of the book to get them on track for each puzzle." - Beth,