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Punctuation Puzzler

Commas & More • Run-Ons

Grades: 3-8

Language Arts

Punctuation Puzzler Commas and More | Run-On Riddlers

Grades: 3-8

Language Arts

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Punctuation Puzzler rescues students from boring drill and practice. It gives her/him super powers in punctuation, grammar, usage, and reading comprehension for crystal clear communication. These unique activities are highly effective, quick, easy to teach, and more fun than any punctuation or grammar activities your students will ever do.

Students analyze context clues and apply punctuation rules to clarify the meaning of odd, convoluted, and misleading statements. These deductive thinking activities are fun, fast, and lots of laughs.

Teaching Support
Books and software both include complete directions, answers, and explanations.

Software Features
     - 14-18 lessons per level
     - 106-133 questions per level
     - Multi-user login
     - Post & Pretest
     - All activities can be done in learning or test mode
     - On-screen instructions & hints
     - Self-tutoring for independent study
     - Self-grading
     - Printable scores & student data
     - Saves unfinished games
     - Fun reward game

Books or Software?
Choose one or the other. Both provide the same engaging activities. Review the features listed above for additional benefits offered by the software.

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