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Science Detective® A1 App for iPad

Higher-Order Thinking • Reading in Science

Grades: 5-6


Full curriculum

Grades: 5-6


Full curriculum

  •  Multiple Award Winner

Science Detective® A1 App for iPad


Description and Features


Description and Features

Teaches standards-based science as it develops reading and critical thinking skills!

Description and Features

The mind-building lessons and activities in this app teach topics and skills drawn from state and national science standards to prepare students for more advanced science courses and new assessments that measure reasoning and reading comprehension in science.

Students read lessons that include a variety of charts, tables, and graphs. Then they answer critical thinking questions to improve their understanding of the science concepts and develop their reading comprehension, inferential and deductive thinking skills. Students can't just scan the story for answers—they must carefully analyze and synthesize the information from the text and the charts, tables, and graphs to correctly identify and support their answers.

The questions in Science Detective® A1 are modeled after questions found on science assessments but require more critical thinking. There is a growing trend to evaluate responses to open-ended questions in the context of logical reasoning, and many science students score poorly on these test items. The carefully designed questions in this book will not only develop thinking and reading skills, but will also familiarize your students with questions found on contemporary science assessments.

Concepts covered in Science Detective® A1 include:

Physical Science
     •  Measuring Matter:  Mass, Volume, and Density
     •  Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter
     •  Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter
     •  Atoms, Elements, and Compounds
     •  Chemicals:  Helpful and Harmful
     •  Kinetic and Potential Energy
     •  Force and Motion
     •  Simple Machines:  Inclined Plane, Lever, Machines
         and Work

     •  Simple Machines:  Wheel-and-Axle
         and Pulley
     •  Thermal Energy
     •  Sound and Light Energy
     •  Static Electricity
     •  Circuits
     •  Electromagnets
     •  Electric Energy
     •  Energy Sources and Conversion

Life Science
     •  Cells
     •  Cell Parts and Functions
     •  Reproduction and Growth of Cells
     •  Genetics
     •  DNA
     •  Uses of Genetics
     •  Skeletal and Muscular Systems
     •  Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
     •  Nervous System

     •  Digestive System
     •  Reproductive System
     •  Classification of Organisms
     •  Function of Plant Parts
     •  Reproduction in Plants
     •  Invertebrates
     •  Vertebrates
     •  Earth's Biomes
     •  Ecosystems

Earth Science
     •  Plate Tectonics:  Mountains, Volcanoes,
         and Earthquakes
     •  Rock Cycle, Erosion, and Deposition
     •  Properties of Rocks and Minerals
     •  Geological Time
     •  Natural Resources
     •  Ocean Exploration

     •  Ocean Resources
     •  Earth, Moon, and Sun
     •  Weather:  Measurement, Causes,
         and Changes
     •  Classification of the Sun and Other Stars
     •  Inner and Outer Solar System

App Features
     - Includes 45 activities
     - Self-tutoring: detailed instructions, hints, and explanations of answers
     - Saves students progress
     - Progress/Award certificates

Product Details

Item#: 05042HDJ
Author(s): Stephen David Fischer and Joseph Caroll
TOC: View Table of Contents
Type: iOS App
License: iTunes App Store
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-753-1
Questions: 483
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Christian School Products Magazine Top Products, 2008

Test preparation available for the following:

Science Detective® guarantees top performance on assessment tests, including:

TerraNova (CTBS), TerraNova, the Second Edition (CAT/6)
Stanford Achievement Test™ (SAT/10)
Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP)
Kansas State Assessments
Palmetto Assessment Challenge Test (PACT)
Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT8)
Maryland School Assessment (MSA)
Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP)
Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS)
Colorado Standard and Assessment Program (CSAP)
Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT)
Florida State Assessment (FSA)
Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT)
Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)
Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)
Ohio Achievement Tests
Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS™)
Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL)
Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL)
and many more!

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Available for iPads at the iTunes App Store
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