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Third-Party Technologies

To provide you with the latest innovations in web technology, we've designed our site to work best with table-aware browsers. As you explore the site, you will have the opportunity to experience features that require special plugin enhancements for your browser.
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This site is best viewed with Windows® Internet Explorer®.

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Browser Plugins
Click here for download information   Adobe® Reader®
Adobe® Reader® is freely distributable software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files. By clicking on a link to a PDF file, you will initiate the download of a PDF document which requires ®Reader® plugin.

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  Adobe® Flash® Player
Adobe® Flash® Player is a plugin that allows you to view low-bandwidth animations, games, learning applications and web sites created ®.

  WinZip Self-Extractor
The powerful, fast, and easy-to-use zipping and unzipping utility.

Click for Download Information   Windows Media Player
Our web site periodically offers live streaming images of our exhibits. In order to experience this technology, you'll need the Windows Media Player plugin.

Click for Download Information   QuickTime
When you hop aboard QuickTime Player, you’re assured of a truly rich multimedia experience.