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Think Analogies® Books • ThinkAnalogy™ Puzzles Software

Learning to Connect Words & Relationships

Grades: 3-12+

Language Arts

Think Analogies® • ThinkAnalogy™ Puzzles

Grades: 3-12+

Language Arts

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Think Analogies® Books
Looking for an easy-to-understand method to teach analogies with plenty of practice? The books in this series teach students how to analyze and classify analogies by relationship, category, and structure. Students who learn strategies to make and complete analogies benefit in many ways. They sharpen their reasoning skills as they analyze the subtleties of language and relationship presented in analogies. As students learn to understand simple word analogies, they move toward understanding more complex analogous relationships presented in literature, science, and history. Analogies are also a key component of many assessment and ability tests.

Both books begin with an exploration of word relationships. Students classify word groups and form pairs of related items, and then identify types of analogous relationships and classify them. Finally, they select and supply words and word pairs to complete analogies. The B1 book also teaches how to read and understand analogy structures, describe analogous relationships, and make analogies from word lists.

ThinkAnalogy™ Puzzles

These fun, engaging apps teach students an in-depth understanding of the basis of an analogy. The analogy puzzles develop razor-sharp analogy, vocabulary, word analysis, and comprehension skills for the highest academic and test performance.

In each puzzle, students analyze 30 potential analogy pairs, evaluate word meanings and relationships to find the best matches, and then classify each analogy by type. The deeper analysis required to classify an analogy produces a better understanding of analogies and develops a host of critical thinking skills.

Analogy types in all grade levels include kind of, part of, synonym of, antonym of. Grades 6-12+ and 9-12+ levels also include symbol of, product of, person who, something used to, degree of, and property of.

Software Features
     - 20 activities; 300 analogies
     - Multi-user

     - Dictionary with definitions for hints
     - Saves student progress
     - Printable student scores
     - Completion award certificate

Please note that the book and software versions of this series have different learning formats. Please read the descriptions of both formats above before making your purchasing decision.

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