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Vowel Sounds Song and Game™ App for Android Phone/Tablet

Long and Short Vowel Sounds

Grades: PreK-2

Language Arts

Grades: PreK-2

Language Arts

Description & Features

The Vowel Sounds Song and Game™ app uses our very popular Vowel Sounds Song to teach long and short vowel sounds. The first game uses the song to teach students long and short vowel sounds by identifying the words in the song that use each vowel sound. The next four games help students master long and short vowel sounds by identifying each vowel sound in words not found in the song. These games are simple and fun, making them the easiest way to teach vowel sounds.

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Product Details

Item#: 10901HDG
Author(s): Michael Baker
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Type: Android App
License: Google Play Store
Activities: 5

System Requirements

Available for most Android Phones and Tablets at the Google Play Store

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