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Attribute Blocks

Grades: PreK-1

Subject(s): Critical Thinking

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Attribute Blocks

Manipulatives - $20.99
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Description & Features

Attribute Blocks are required to be used in conjunction with the Hands-On Thinking Skills Book and Building Thinking Skills® Primary Student Book. These are also recommended for use with the Building Thinking Skills® Beginning Book.

These hands-on manipulatives promote the development of visual-motor, verbal, and analytical thinking skills necessary for superior reading, math, and test success in all subjects.

Attribute Blocks include 60 pieces: 5 shapes (triangle, circle, square, hexagon, rectangle), 3 colors (red, blue, yellow), 2 sizes (small, large).

Product Details

Item#: 05215CUO
Media: Manipulatives

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"Well-sequenced concepts are introduced at low levels and build to appropriate higher levels.…One of the outstanding differentiating features of the materials is its heavy emphasis on student verbalizations." - Arithmetic Teacher
"Building Thinking Skills® Primary is an essential foundational tool in helping children develop thinking abilities and recognize key relationships both verbally and spatially." - Paul Cates, Ph.D.
"The #1 selling thinking skills program in the world and I can see why! These authors have written one of the most effective books for teaching/learning thinking skills." - Merrilee Defoe, Reviewer