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We do not teach through drill and memorization or teach to the tests—we empower the mind! Our goals are higher grades, top test scores, and problem-solving skills to meet all of life’s challenges. Our products are used and recommended by Learning® Magazine, The Well-Trained Mind, College Prep Genius, Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy, and Sylvan Learning® Centers, Club Z In-Home Tutoring, leading U.S. public schools, and gifted and talented programs throughout the world. We guarantee better grades and higher test scores—or your money back.

We offer parents and teachers two approaches to nurture the minds of gifted students.

1. Improve Their Critical Thinking
Nearly all gifted students have strong critical thinking skills, but those skills can still be improved. Over time, students who practice critical thinking learn to apply it throughout their education and lives.

To find the right critical thinking products for your student, search under the grade level of the student and Critical Thinking. The search results will show you our award-winning critical chinking products for that grade. If you want to talk to an education specialist, call us at 800-458-4849.

2. Provide Better Instruction and More Practice in Full Curriculum Subjects
Are you concerned about helping your children with their curriculum? Don’t be! Our full curriculum products make it easy. We designed the lessons to make sure each concept taught is clear and easy-to-understand. Many of our lessons include helpful diagrams and pictures to help students understand and visualize concepts and steps.

We also integrate critical thinking into our full curriculum products so students have to analyze and practice what they are taught. Deeper analysis produces deeper understanding, which results in better grades and higher test scores. Over time, students who practice critical thinking learn to apply it throughout their education and lives.

To find the right products for each student, search under the grade level and target subject. The search results will show you our award-winning products for that grade and subject. The full curriculum products will be highlighted in the search results. The results will also show you several supplemental products that focus on specific skills and concepts.

Children love our products and you’ll love what our products do for your children!

Testimonials from Gifted & Talented Educators:

"I teach children that have been identified gifted. Your catalog is one of the few that I order from year after year. Wanting to increase vocabulary I decided to purchase Word Roots. It is everything I was searching for and more. It goes beyond 'spelling tests' and teaches students to decipher words based upon prefixes, suffixes, and roots. The focus is on meaning which in turn increases comprehension. My students enjoy watching the buildings appear when they reach 90% mastery. I seldom hear complaints when having to redo activities because of the technology used. This year I had several students so successful that I had to order Level B. I teach fifth grade. Keep up the good work-you are right on target with gifted children." - Cecilia, NC

"I am a gifted intervention specialist in a rural public school. About 4 years ago my 7th-grade group read, Nothing But the Truth, by Avi. It is a novel which includes several different points of view. After my first group read it, the discussion did not go well. The students did not try to understand the different points of view of the main characters. The next year, I taught them critical thinking skills using Critical Thinking Book One from The Critical Thinking Co.™. This year, the students were able to have a great discussion as they were able to 'get' the points of view of others. I have continued to use these books." - Barb, OH

"I teach 3-6 grade Gifted Math. Coming up with logical thinking for all grade levels is tough, but with the leveled Scratch Your Brain® Series, I can rely on Bell Works as a quick, fun, and challenging way to start each period. Many times, the students take the puzzles home to their parents and work on them together!" - Spencer, AZ

"My sons have benefited tremendously from your products. Calvin (10) is in a gifted program and Jack (14) is in an advanced curriculum . They both score in the high 90th percentiles in all standardized tests. As a mom and a university professor I can't thank The Critical Thinking Co.™ enough." - Marinilka, WA


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