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Preschool Academics

Importance of Preschool Academics

Your children's success in kindergarten will help shape their view of themselves. A major study found that students who learned to read in kindergarten tended to score in the top percentile as seniors in high school. We offer five fun, award-winning preschool apps that teach reading, writing, addition, and subtraction before kindergarten.

Just 20 minutes a day can have a huge impact on your children's academic success. Remember, you are your children's first and best teacher. Your preschooler would rather spend time with you than anyone else. There is no better investment of your time than your children's education. Available for most iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic Before Kindergarten!™
-- 5 Apps For Less Than $10!

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Why our Preschool Products Are Different

Our products are fun and engaging, but unlike many products on the market, our products develop academic skills and critical thinking to help your child succeed in school and life. We engineer critical thinking into our reading and mathematics material to teach them to solve problems through organized analysis—instead of guesswork. We encourage discussion to stimulate verbal development as children communicate their reasoning and solutions.


 alt= Features IconAlphabet Song Game™ App
Grades Toddler-1 | FREE for a limited time!
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Sing along and play to learn letter names and shapes!
Features IconLetter Sounds Song and Game™ App
Grades PreK-1 | $1.99
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Students learn letter sounds by singing the Letter Sounds Song™ and playing fun, simple games. The fast, fun, and effective way to learn phonics!
Features IconVowel Sounds Song and Game™ App
Grades PreK-2 | $1.99
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The fun, easy way to teach long and short vowel sounds! Students sing the Vowel Sounds Song™ and play games to master short and long vowels.
Features IconFun-Time Phonics!™
Grades PreK-2 | $3.99 - $39.99 | Complete Curriculum
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Finally, a fun, systematic phonics program that is comprehension centered! Fun-Time Phonics!™ is a fun, easy-to-use program based on the scientific findings of the National Reading Commission. The colorful, game-like activities engage students through listening, thinking, speaking, and reading.


Mathematical Reasoning® Beginning 1
Ages 3 & 4 | $32.99 | Complete Curriculum
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Teaching preschool math has never been easier! These quick, fun, colorful activities teach organized analysis, problem-solving and computation skills typically taught in kindergarten or first grade.
Mathematical Reasoning® Beginning 2
Age 4 | $34.99 | Complete Curriculum
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More quick, fun, colorful activities that teach problem-solving and computation skills. This book focuses on the numbers 0-10. A child who successfully finishes Mathematical Reasoning® Beginning 1 and 2 will know and be able to apply the mathematics skills and concepts taught in most kindergartens—and many first grade classrooms.
Features IconSmart Abacus™ Software
Grades PreK-1 | $1.99
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Smart Abacus™ teaches children in Grades PreK-1 addition, subtraction, and how to write numerals. The app is revolutionary in its simplicity! This hand-on approach uses colorful, fun, step-by-step lessons and provides plenty of guided practice.

Critical Thinking

 alt= Building Thinking Skills® Beginning
Ages 3 & 4 | $32.99 | Complete Curriculum

This award-winning book provides fun, highly effective and engaging reasoning activities to improve the vocabulary, pre-reading, pre-writing, math, logic, spatial, and auditory processing skills.
Visual Perceptual Skill Building® Level 1
Grades PreK-2 | $19.99
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Develops students' recognition of letters, words, numbers, and similar/dissimilar objects. It also improves sequencing and visual memory skills.
Mind Benders® Level 1
Ages 3 - 6 | $9.99
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Prepares your students for testing! Develops reading comprehension, logic, and problem-solving skills.
Can You Find Me?
Grade PreK | $14.99

Starts your students on the road to critical thinking.
Riddle Rabbit™ PreK App
Grade PreK | $9.99
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Starts your students on the road to critical thinking.
Dr. DooRiddles A1
Grades PreK-2 | $9.99
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A fun way to strengthen students' spelling, vocabulary, and reading!
Dr. DooRiddles A2
Grades PreK-2 | $9.99
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A fun way to strengthen students' spelling, vocabulary, and reading!
Thinker Doodles: Think, Draw & Color
Grade PreK | FREE eBook for a limited time!
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The SMART coloring book! Develops creative and critical thinking, and teaches attention to detail.

Customer Testimonials:

"As a homeschooling mother of five, I wanted to thank you for such wonderful products. We have changed our homeschool curriculum to focus on your Critical Thinking Company™ products--after spending a small fortune on materials that were watered down and not effective--and couldn't be happier. I wish we had found your products earlier. Our younger children that have used your core curriculum products since preschool are all performing above their age groups and loving the challenge of learning!

Mathematical Reasoning™ presents math in a way that makes it not only simple to learn, but also practical to apply to everyday circumstance --obviously making math more meaningful to him. I cannot brag enough on Building Thinking Skills™ and how it starts students out at a young age with organizing thoughts, brainstorming, and categorizing, all of which are crucial as college students and adults but unfortunately these skills tend to be overlooked in other curriculums. Our whole family enjoys the riddles and brain teasers from Thinker Doodles and Dr. DooRiddles that fill our van with giggles and discussion on long trips. Thank you for such wonderful products! Three cheers for exceeding the status quo!!!"
- Katherine David, MS

"I bought Thinker Doodles: Think, Draw & Color for my five-year-old. She is a little artist and loves to color, but traditional coloring books don't keep her attention. These do! The directions make her think about what she's doing, but still allow for creativity. I've been very impressed. She has too!" - Dani Bolyard, WA

"Mathematical Reasoning® is excellent for the parent who wants to start teaching math concepts to his/her preschooler. I used this book with a couple of my preschool students and they enjoyed the working one on one with their teacher. The pace was easy and taught a progression for the students. I liked using the tips at the front of the book. The students also enjoyed the colored pictures and the expressions on some of the characters in the book. As a teacher I liked the problem-solving activities as these could be used over again or with several students in the classroom. This book helped no only with math concepts but with listening skills for young folks with very short attention spans." - iParenting Media Reviewer

"As a mother of four children ages five and under it is hard for me to find the time and energy to stay consistent with our studies, but with this new element of excitement you have just made my role in education so much easier!"
- Cori R., MI

"The Dr. DooRiddles books are fun for children but are not just for enjoyment and not merely an add-on to regular studies. They foster the important component of higher order thinking so vital to initiate and develop in the early childhood years." - Dr. Paul Cates

Preschool Products
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"If we teach children everything we know, their knowledge is limited to ours. If we teach children to think, their knowledge is limitless."
- Michael Baker, President

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