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Copyrighted Materials Reproduction Rights, Policies, & Official Application

Use of Copyrighted Materials Policy
The following information will help determine if you need to complete the Application to Use Copyrighted Materials.

You do not need permission to copy materials, and are not required to complete the application, if you wish to reproduce pages from The Critical Thinking Co.™ books that belong to you for use in a single classroom with a maximum of 40 students per year. Please note that in the case of parents and home educators, “classroom,” signifies a single household.

Any format is acceptable:  paper copies, files scanned into a computer, overhead transparencies, Braille conversions, or placement on a class Web site, provided that student and parent access is restricted to your single classroom with a maximum of 40 students per year. Please remember that it is a violation of your user agreement to share The Critical Thinking Co.™ materials with colleagues for use in additional classrooms. This also applies to home educators who are prohibited from sharing materials beyond their single household.

You do need permission to use reproduced material outside of a single home or classroom beyond the maximum of 40 students per year. If permission is granted, The Critical Thinking Co.™ will request a small fee for use of the materials. The fee is based on the number of pages being reproduced and the number of copies you would like to make. After filling out the Application to Use Copyrighted Materials, we will provide you with a usage fee quote.

Payment of the usage fee should be made to The Critical Thinking Co.™ This fee will entitle you to use the materials as you have requested on a one-time basis, limited to the number of copies indicated.

If your request involves multiple titles, translation, or if you intend to sell the publication in question, you may be eligible for a licensing agreement. Please note this when filling out the Application to Use Copyrighted Materials.

Permission will not be granted for:
• grade-level, school-wide, or district-wide reproduction.
• titles in which the copyright states that it may not be reproduced (e.g. consumables).
• requests to post materials on any Web site that is widely, or publicly, accessible.
• requests for resale of the materials.


Thank you for your interest in using The Critical Thinking Co.™ educational materials.

If you need immediate assistance, please call us at 800-458-4849 or e-mail