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Are Your Children's Games Mentally Engaging?

Interactive Educational Games

For the purposes of educational games, interactivity should entail more than hand-eye coordination and a desire to get the top score. Educational software should require mental interactivity as well as physical interactivity. This is where many educational games fall short: they are designed more for entertainment value and simply do not require the sort of vigorous mental calisthenics that they should.

The Critical Thinking Co. educational games include a high degree of interactivity to keep students interested and then seek to develop their critical thinking abilities. By mentally engaging students in this way, our games keep students interested and focused while they are introduced to new information and asked to process it. Students are not simply asked to identify correct answers in order to score points.

Interactive educational games from The Critical Thinking Co. are available for a wide range of subjects from language and logic to math and science. Most products are available in book form or as software if you prefer. Our products were designed to help students at all levels of development improve their critical thinking and learning abilities in order to perform better in class, on tests, and in life.

The success of our products is undeniable. The majority of the highest-performing high schools in the U.S., as compiled by Newsweek, have used products from The Critical Thinking Co. catalog. We stand behind our products so surely that we guarantee better grades and higher test scores with a full, money-back guarantee.

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