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Colonies to Constitution - eBook

Critical Thinking in United States History

Grades: 6-12+

Social Studies

Grades: 6-12+

Social Studies

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Description & Features

Critical Thinking in United States History uses fascinating original source documents and discussion-based critical thinking methods to help students evaluate conflicting perspectives of historical events. This process stimulates students’ interest in history, improves their historical knowledge, and develops their analytical skills for assessment tests.

For each lesson, students examine two or more perspectives of an event using analysis and evaluation skills such as identifying types of reasoning and evaluating sources. Through debating historians’ evidence, inferences, analogies, and assumptions, students come away with a deeper understanding of specific events. They also learn to examine any historical, or current, event with a more critical mind.

Instruction/Answer Guide
A separate Instruction/Answer Guide is included and contains objectives, teaching suggestions, focus questions, and answers. Use of the guide is highly recommended.

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Item#: 07427BEP
Author(s): Kevin O'Reilly
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: eBook
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 1-60144-259-9
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-259-8
Activities: 29
Pages: 136

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"This [series] is meant to give you a taste of the excitement of historical interpretation and debate. It is also meant to give you guidance in learning the skills necessary to evaluate conflicting viewpoints. The goal is to empower you, as citizens in a democratic society, to make decisions for yourself regarding what you read, see, or hear about the issues of tomorrow--issues where there are few easy answers, and where reasonable people disagree." - Kevin O'Reilly, Author
"Undoubtedly one of the best efforts at curriculum transformation across subject areas (this series is not just for history teachers) available for the middle and high school students." - National Association For Multicultural Education
"I applaud the author's selection of relevant topics, the excellent research behind each topic and the sequential development of critical thinking skills. This series will definitely challenge and motivate students in a way no dry textbook can." - Middle States Council For The Social Studies Journal
"Teaching history from a critical thinking perspective makes sense both as good history and good preparation for 'real world' decision making." - Southern Social Studies Journal
"This...should be in the hands of every American history teacher. It is great! I am thankful and grateful for the minds that have produced all your products." - Margaret, Virginia Beach, VA
"We strongly use the Critical Thinking in United States History series....[T]hey are invaluable in helping the student evaluate historical evidence." - Jessie Wise & Susan Wise Bauer, The WellTrained Mind
"If you really want your students to understand history…I strongly recommend that you purchase these books." - Peggy Zorn, Harvest Home Educators Newsletter, Bedford, GA
"A "Parent-Recommended" Home School Resource" - Creative Home Schooling For Gifted Children
"Excellent tools to equip children for participation in our government. Empowers my children to discuss intelligently, and disagree respectfully, on the important issues of our day." - Parent, via the Internet
"My husband, who's a professional historian with the United States Navy, has been using these books to teach our own children. In his opinion, they are the finest adjunct to any history course he's ever seen." - Lillian, Jessup, MD
"This series of four books can be used along with almost any history course to train students in critical analysis. (Along the way they will also learn a significant amount of history.) The lessons are both interesting and challenging. [I] expect [students] will enjoy such lessons far more than reading textbooks." - Cathy Duffy, Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual, Greensboro, NC

Test preparation available for the following:

Critical Thinking in United States History (Book-On-CD PDFs) prepares students to achieve top scores on assessment tests, including

Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT 8)