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Copy Protected PDF eBooks
The buyer of this eBook can legally keep a copy of the eBook on three different devices. The pages in the eBook contain an invisible watermark that identifies the sales transaction to protect the copyrighted PDF from unlicensed use. We monitor illegal distribution to protect our authors (educators).  As a small family owned business, this is vital to our survival.  Illegal distribution of the copyrighted material in this eBook can result in legal action against the buyer. 

E-Book License Rights
The individual or entity who initially purchased the product from The Critical Thinking Co.™ or one of its authorized resellers is licensed to reproduce (print or duplicate on paper) each page for use within one home or one classroom. Our copyright and this limited reproduction permission (user) agreement strictly prohibit the sale of any of the copyrighted material. Any reproduction beyond these expressed limits is strictly prohibited without the written permission of The Critical Thinking Co.™

The Critical Thinking Co.™ retains full intellectual property rights on all its products (eBooks, books, and software).


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