Editor in Chief®

Grammar Disasters & Punctuation Faux Pas

Students develop real-life editing skills for superior writing and top test scores.

Grades: 2-12+

Subject(s): Language Arts

Editor in Chief®

This highly acclaimed, award-winning series has been improved for 2015 with the addition of standards-based easy-to-understand lessons, revised activities, and periodic reviews. Editor in Chief® books teach grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and critical reading in a standards-based thinking approach rather than drill and practice.  After a concise lesson that explains and illustrates the mechanics of writing, students carefully analyze and edit stories, letters, and articles that  that contain mechanical errors.  This effective method allows students to gain mastery over concepts that will translate into their own writing.

In the software version, you will discover the power of speech and the rules of the written word as you edit each document and complete the activities.

Software Features
     - Provides high-quality independent learning (not "edutainment") with immediate feedback for students and teachers.
     - 33 activities per level; 40 activities on the Beginning level
     - Each program has beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of play (except the Beginning level)
     - Multi-user login
     - Quick and detailed instructions
     - Hints that help students keep learning even if they don't know a rule—no getting stuck.
     - Guide to Grammar, Usage & Punctuation that teaches and reinforces concepts
     - Saves unfinished games
     - Self-grading, with printable student data

Downloadable Software Ordering
Downloadable software can be immediately downloaded from "My Account" under the "My Downloadable Product" section after you place your order.

Item No. Title Grade Type Price Qty
09708BBP Editor in Chief® Beginning 1 2-3 Paperback Book
price $14.99
09709BBP Editor in Chief® Beginning 2 3-4 Paperback Book
price $14.99
09710BBP Editor in Chief® Level 1 4-5 Paperback Book
price $19.99
09711BBP Editor in Chief® Level 2 6-8 Paperback Book
price $19.99
09712BBP Editor in Chief® Level 3 9-12+ Paperback Book
price $24.99
09713 Editor in Chief® Beginning 1 Software 2-3

Available April 2015

09714 Editor in Chief® Beginning 2 Software 3-4

Available June 2015

09715 Editor in Chief® Beginning Software 3-4
price $12.99
09717 Editor in Chief® A1 Software 4-5
price $12.99
09725 Editor in Chief® A2 Software 4-5
price $12.99
09719 Editor in Chief® B1 Software 6-8
price $12.99
09729 Editor in Chief® B2 Software 6-8
price $12.99
09721 Editor in Chief® C1 Software 9-12+
price $15.99
09733 Editor in Chief® C2 Software 9-12+
price $15.99
09741 Editor in Chief® 3-Software Set 3-5

List Price $38.97

Sale Price $35.07

09742 Editor in Chief® 4-Software Set 6-12+

List Price $57.96

Sale Price $52.16

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