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Can You Find Me? K-1

Building Thinking Skills in Reading • Math • Science • Social Studies

Grades: K-1

Critical Thinking

Grades: K-1

Critical Thinking

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Description & Features

This fun, colorful 112-page book of mind-building riddles introduces young minds to critical thinking and organized analysis. To solve the riddles, students practice:
    • Identifying Similarities and Differences
    • Forming/Following Sequences and Patterns
    • Classifying Objects and Groups
    • Identifying/Interpreting Analogies
    • Logic

The riddles also teach the following concepts found in most state and national standards:
Math—counting, shape and number recognition, recognizing and completing patterns, spatial position, more/less/equal, ordinal numbers (first, third, etc.), part/whole measurement
Reading Readiness—letter recognition, rhyming words, letter-sound association, letter sequence, sight words, directionality
Science—animal attributes, weather/seasons, senses, body parts, plants/plant growth, force/motion
Social Studies—family, community helpers, health and safety, identifying locations

Each riddle requires identification of two or more clues to deduce the answer. Activities may be enhanced by teaching additional information about the animals, objects, shapes, letters, and numbers used in the riddles. This book includes answers and a chart of the skills developed in each activity.

Product Details

Item#: 03802BBP
Author(s): Cheryl Block and Michael Baker
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 0-89455-794-7
ISBN–13: 978-0-89455-794-1
Pages: 112

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"This book is fantastic! Our 6 year old daughter loves it! It really is enhancing her problem solving/reasoning skills. Our only problem is that she wants to do 15+ pages at a time, so we will finish it in no time!" - Carrie R., Indiana
"As an educator I really like the concepts/skills that are integrated throughout the book. As a parent I like the pictures, they are appealing to a child's eye." - Review, Learning Magazine
"Can You find Me? has become a a wonderful addition to my daughter's preschool work." - Maureen, Homeschool Mom
"This is a fun colorful way to get your little one (s) thinking!" - Maureen, Homeschool Mom

Test preparation available for the following:

Can You Find Me? helps prepare for many assessment tests, including

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™ (WPPSI™)
Otis-Lennon School Ability Test® (OLSAT®)
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) / Talented and Gifted (TAG)
Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®)
Stanford Achievement Test™ (SAT/10)
TerraNova (CTBS) / TerraNova, The Second Edition (CAT/6)
IA Tests of Basic Skills® (ITBS®)
Primary Test of Cognitive Skills™ (PTCS)
and many more!