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Dare to Compare Math: Level 1 - eBook

Using Calculations to Make a Comparison & Come to a Decision

Grades: 4-5


Grades: 4-5


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Description & Features

This collection of 150 problems asks students in Grades 4 and 5 to perform calculations to make a comparison and come to a decision. The Dare to Compare Math format recasts more traditional math problems from a single calculation to two or more calculations to come to a final conclusion. Rather than compute a single sale price, the student computes two sale prices to determine which sale is a better deal. Instead of calculating the number of fat calories in a single food item, the student calculates the number of fat calories in two separate food items to determine which has the least amount of fat calories.

The problems are intended to be non-routine but accessible. The solution process is open-ended, allowing students to create mathematical reasoning and to decide how to quantify in order to formulate a conclusion. Comparisons are especially suited for problems involving fractions, rates, ratios, and proportional thinking. However, they can serve as a backdrop for any mathematical topic – geometry, graphing, patterns, elementary algebraic reasoning, probability, counting, measurement, number operations, and logic. So the comparisons are rich in both mathematical content and critical thinking. Each problem is accompanied by one or more hints and a complete solution.

Which fence is longer? Whose heart beats faster? Which food is less expensive? Who travels the furthest? Which collection of coins is worth more? Which shape has a larger area? Which sale is a better deal? Which fraction is larger? Which jar holds more water when full? Which food has less fat calories? Who makes the greater profit? Which event lasted longer? Comparisons provide a motivating backdrop to perform mathematical calculations in a wide range of contexts.

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Item#: 11761BEP
Author(s): Darin Beigie
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Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: eBook
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ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-904-7
Pages: 96


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - Homeschool Blue Ribbon Award for Favorite Middle School Product Tillywig Brain Child Award, Fall 2017

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"This book is the perfect math supplement. I really appreciated the real life situations in the questions: the questions touched on food calories, distance, perimeter, practical fractions, prices, and area, to name a few. Math that is learned with real life examples is the best, and gives a 'why' to the math learning. I appreciated that for each problem, there is a visual image. I have a child that struggles with math and has the signs of having dyscalculia, and actually seeing the 7 water bottles and 5 milk quarts in an image really helps her to solve problems. Another thing I really appreciated was that there is a Hints section. " - Charlotte G, California
"This unassuming little book packs a lot of punch. What I like about this book is that it doesn't tell the student how to arrive at the answer. Sure, I've seen a few straightforward questions that tell you to add several sets of numbers to determine which total is most or least. The majority of problems though, give problems that require conversions or multiple steps before the comparison can be made. Many math programs give word problems, but they're usually part of a larger lesson on one topic, so the student knows what is expected. This book, however, gives a mixture of problems, requiring more critical thinking and logic skills, because the student must figure out how to make two or three sets of information comparable, which steps to take and in what order. I definitely recommend Dare to Compare!" - Brittney,
"No more summer slide when you work through the award winning Dare to Compare: Math Level 1 book from The Critical Thinking Co.! All the problems in this book are meant to be open-ended so the student can actually put that thinking cap on and work through the process of getting to the answer. These types of comparisons problems are especially helpful in preparing students for higher level thinking skills found in geometry, elementary algebraic reasoning, number operations, and logic. I really liked that most of the problems had a black and white illustration to give the student a visual to go along with the problem. My student found this helpful too. My daughter is not especially fond of math, but I never heard any complaints from her when it was time to complete her problem for the day. That in and of itself makes this product worth every penny. " - Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse
"his collection of 150 problems asks students to perform calculations to make a comparison and come to a decision. While the calculation-based comparison format is consistent throughout, the wide-ranging problems incorporate a variety of math concepts including ratios, fractions, percentages, proportions, 2D and 3D geometry, graphing, algebraic reasoning, patterns, probability, statistics and more. The process of analyzing and solving these problems is not only an exploration of mathematical methods, it helps establish and reinforce an approach to critical thinking that is easily transferable and can prove extremely useful in day to day life. Which seemingly comparable pricing is the better deal? What is the fastest route to a given destination? More broadly, how can one apply reasoning and basic math to make optimal life decisions? This book helps students develop the tools and mindset with which to make such assessments with confidence and ease. Each problem is accompanied by one or more hints and a complete solution." - Tillywig Award Winner 2017 Product Review,