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Grades 7-8 Test Prep Bundle for ITBS®

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Grades: 7-8

Critical Thinking, Test Prep

Grades 7-8 Test Prep Bundle for ITBS®

Grades: 7-8

Critical Thinking, Test Prep

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Description & Features

Iowa Test of Basic Skills® (ITBS®) Prep Guide

We’ve put together this easy-order book bundle so you don’t have to.

This bundle offers our top-selling Grades 7-8 products that help prepare for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills® (ITBS®) and at a 10% discount, so you get more for less.

If you are not completely satisfied with your bundle, please call 800-458-4849 for return information and we will gladly help you with an exchange, credit, or refund. Return information is attached to every packing slip.

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills® (ITBS®) is published by Riverside Publishing. ITBS® and Iowa Test of Basic Skills® are registered trademarks of Riverside Publishing. The contents of this bundle were determined by The Critical Thinking Co.™ and have not been reviewed by, nor are they endorsed, sponsored or approved by either the author or publisher of the tests. While the contents of these bundles will help prepare students to master most of the skills tested, they do not reflect the actual test items on any given test.

Bundle Contents

Reading Detective® B1
Word Roots Level 3
Word Roots Level 4
Editor in Chief® Level 2
Daily Mind Builders™: Science
Vocabulary Virtuoso: PSAT-SAT Book 1
Mathematical Reasoning™ Middle School Supplement

Product Details

Item#: 01419XBP
Type: Book Bundle
Media: Paperback Books
License: Reproducible

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"Our 7th grade son had been homeschooled since 2nd grade. He was not used to being 'tested'. I was going through cancer treatments and we decided that we would enroll him in a 2 day/wk accredited school for the upcoming 7th grade year. The new school "tests" using ITBS. Knowing our son would have high anxiety over it, we had him take the 6th grade ITBS test the spring before starting the new school. We ordered the ITBS bundle and started it as soon as it arrived. We didn't get to finish all of it due to poor timing on our part, but it was so thorough overall, he still scored a 93 national average in all subjects! The Critical Thinking Co.™ bundle was fabulous and helped in so many ways; to ease our son's fears and my workload while receiving treatments. Thank you!" - Margaret, TX