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Half 'n Half Animals A1 - eBook

Think, Draw, & Color

Grades: K-1

Critical Thinking

Grades: K-1

Critical Thinking

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Description & Features

Half ’n Half Animals present students with the challenge of completing a picture that is only half drawn. To complete the drawing, students must mentally flip the image to add the missing parts. Once the drawing is finished, students are encouraged to be creative by coloring the animal in imaginative ways and adding a setting and/or objects to their picture.

Teaching Support
Includes teaching suggestions and easy-to-follow directions. Just add your creative students and crayons!

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Product Details

Item#: 02912PEP
Author(s): Elaine Heller
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Type: Student Book
Media: eBook
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 1-60144-474-5
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-474-5
Activities: 44
Pages: 48

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"Students think, draw, and color while building the analytic and motor skills needed for success in reading, writing, and mathematics. The skills addressed by this series include deductive thinking, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, symmetry, classifying, visual perception, and more." - Resources For Successful Teaching, Learning® Magazine
"My little artist loves to color, but traditional coloring books don't keep her attention. Thinker Doodles does! The directions make her think about what she's doing, but still allow for creativity. I'm very impressed." - Dani, Ephrata, WA

Test preparation available for the following:

Half'n Half Animals prepares students for top performance on assessment tests, including

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence™ (WPPSI™)
Primary Test of Cognitive Skills™ (PTCS)
and many more!