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Math Detective® Beginning

Higher-Order Thinking • Reading • Writing in Mathematics

Grades: 3-4


Grades: 3-4


  •  Multiple Award Winner
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Description & Features

This 110-page book uses topics and skills drawn from national math standards to prepare your students for advanced math courses and assessments that measure reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing in math.

Students read a short story that includes a chart, table, or graph. Next they answer critical thinking questions to improve their understanding of the math concept and develop their critical thinking (comprehension) skills. Students can't just scan the story for answers—they must carefully analyze and synthesize the information from the text and the chart, table, or graph to explain and support their answers.

The questions in Math Detective® Beginning are modeled after questions found on high-stakes math assessments, but require more critical thinking. These problems are excellent preparation for assessments that require students to explain and support their answers.

Stories are age-relevant, high-interest, and show students that math is integral to everyday activities. This book contains a lesson that explains the concept of evidence, a chart of activity topics and key ideas to help parents and teachers select activities, and detailed answers.

The activities in Math Detective® Beginning are organized around these math concepts:
     •  Number and Numeration
     •  Patterns
     •  Operations
     •  Geometry and Spatial Sense
     •  Probability
     •  Statistics

Product Details

Item#: 03901BBP
Author(s): Terri Husted
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 0-89455-802-1
ISBN–13: 978-0-89455-802-3
Pages: 110, perforated


Informal Education Products Product of the Year Learning® Magazine Recommended Resource for Successful Teaching The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

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"Both the style of questions and the topics covered in these books are particularly helpful for students preparing for standardized tests. Beyond test preparation, the lessons are great for developing real-life skills that require a combination of reading, thinking, and math." - Cathy Duffy,
"Math Detectives has been instrumental in helping my children apply their math skills beyond their core math programs. We work in this series during the summer as review and reinforcement of math skills. This year one of my children had done well in her elementary math program, but she had decided math was not her forte and was a little intimidated. I gave her the Beginning book early in the summer. When she had completed about half of it, I noticed that her confidence level and reasoning ability had improved. By the end of the book she had decided that math can be fun. " - Mom Of 4, South Dakota
"I think that overall these software programs have been challenging for the kids. I really like real life math problems and these seem to mostly be that way. What I like the most is that my children are enjoying learning math. Math is my hardest subject. So to see my children enjoying AND understanding math is awesome! " - Becky, Blogger,
"Math Detective is an ideal solution for test preparation because it does not teach to a particular assessment. It develops the skills needed to excel on new assessments. In my field testing with students in grades 5-6 and some older students in grades 7-8, Math Detective was highly effective in clarifying topics that students found confusing in previous years." - Terri Husted, Author
"Math Detective turns a good lesson into a great one." - Resources For Successful Teaching, Learning® Magazine
"A great alternative to the textbooks out there today. My kids loved the problems and their twists and turns." - Byron, via the Internet
"Boy, were my kids surprised when they played Math Detective software. Every activity is different and truly grasps their attention. They actually enjoyed learning with it and want to keep playing." - Pati, Hampshire, IL
"I like the way Math Detective includes reading comprehension as well as math concepts." - Mickey, Monterey, CA
"These problems encourage real thinking behaviors and tie together reading, writing, and math. A great resource. Recommended!" - Teacher's Choice Awards
"Math Detective is perfect preparation for the WASL test. It works great because it helps students learn to follow directions. I've never seen anything like this and I've looked all over the internet." - Brandell, Oak Harbor, WA
"2003-2004 Award for Excellence!" - Informal Education Products
"I am enjoying the Math Detective®. I like the integration of the reading and the reading comprehension components. The real world questions are interesting and engaging for the kids. When asking the questions for higher level thinking,I like the approach. It is not simply: explain in another way or show how you got the answer but is specific with the higher order thinking questions. Basic things such as font size, readability, number of questions on a page, answers in the back, user friendly and the way it is organized are all excellent. I like how it develops skills and is not specific to a single concept. Putting the thinking on the student is a great idea and the book does this nicely." - Sondra, Lead Teacher in Oregon

Test preparation available for the following:

Math Detective® prepares students for many assessments, including:

TerraNova (CTBS) / TerraNova, The Second Edition (CAT/6)
Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT 8)
Stanford Achievement Test™ (SAT/10)
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills® (ITBS®)
California Achievement Tests (CAT)
Florida State Assessment (FSA)
Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT)
State Assessments -- All 50 states
and many more!