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Award-Winning Products Recommended by Professionals

Our products are used and recommended by several professional organizations that work with children and adults with special needs, including: Learning® Magazine, The Well-Trained Mind, Creative Child Magazine, Sylvan Learning® Centers, Club Z In-Home Tutoring, and leading schools throughout the world. We guarantee better grades and higher test scores—or your money back.

We offer two basic approaches to helping students with special needs. Both approaches involve improving critical thinking skills, but our full curriculum products also offer additional advantages —see below— that make them more effective with many students with special needs. We strongly recommend using both approaches for the very best results.

1. Improve Their Critical Thinking
Deeper analysis produces deeper understanding, which results in better grades and higher test scores. Over time, students who practice critical thinking learn to apply it throughout their education and lives. Many students with special needs face major learning challenges. Improving their critical thinking leads to beneficial results across the curriculum.

To find the right critical thinking products for your student, search under the grade level of the student and Critical Thinking. The search results will show you our award-winning critical thinking products for that grade. If you want to talk to an education specialist, call us at 800-458-4849.

2. Provide Better Instruction and More Practice in Full Curriculum Subjects
Are you concerned about trying to help your children with their curriculum? Don’t be! Our full curriculum products make it easy. We designed the lessons to make sure each concept taught is clear and easy-to-understand. Many of our lessons include helpful diagrams and pictures to help students understand and visualize concepts and steps.

We also integrate critical thinking into our full curriculum products so students have to analyze and practice what they are taught. Deeper analysis produces deeper understanding, which results in better grades and higher test scores. Over time, students who practice critical thinking learn to apply it throughout their education and lives.

To find the right products for each student, search under the grade level and the target subject. The search results will show you our award-winning products for that grade and subject. The full curriculum products will be highlighted in the search results. The results will also show you several supplemental products that focus on specific skills and concepts.

Children love our products and you’ll love what our products do for your children!

Testimonials from Classroom Educators:

"I have used The Critical Thinking Co.™ materials long before they were Critical Thinking - the company before. I began a system-wide program for the gifted, MERIT, and still use the materials today, as I teach in a school that is a result of my original program back in the l980s. Just ordered Daily Mind Builders™ because achieving value-added scores on standardized tests (Terra Nova) is most difficult with gifted children who score high anyway. I use The Critical Thinking Co.™ materials to reach my highest children as well as my "double exceptional" children - gifted and autistic. They work! And have worked for years and years. Bravo!"- Cynthia, TN

"I am a very experienced teacher and cognitive trainer. I own and direct a learning center and I have used the Building Thinking Skills® materials with my students. The success of developing the critical thinking skills is outstanding with these materials. One of my students was in the Special Education program for years; after working with the Building Thinking Skills® books he returned to grade level in seven months. I have worked with various brands of thinking skills materials, but The Critical Thinking Co.™ has the best on the market. I highly recommend these materials." - Claudette, Prescription for Success Learning Center, CO

"I have purchased numerous amounts of your software through the years and I have found them to be engaging for the students that I teach. I am a remedial teacher and the students have been very successful using the following products: Math Detective®, Memory Challenge!, and ThinkAnalogy™ Puzzles." - Julia, TX

"My son (10) is on the autism spectrum. He has a brilliant mind for facts and figures, but always struggled with his thought process. Mind Benders® and Building Thinking Skills® have given him solid direction in organizing his thoughts and following logical patterns. The progress my son has made in barely one year is incredible. No therapy or modification has come close to having such an impact in the 6 years since his diagnosis. There are no words to express how thankful we are for The Critical Thinking Co.™" - Carrie, PA

"My daughter, age 14, has PDD/Autism. Also, she has an accompanying non-verbal learning disorder (this doesn't mean she doesn't talk; it means that she has trouble interpreting body language and other non-verbal information). Something she has always struggled with has been visual problem solving. We have been using The Critical Thinking Co.™ materials since she was small, as they were the only materials that broke down tasks into small enough chunks for her. As she has grown older, we have also been using the software, most recently the new Building Thinking Skills® software. The Mind Benders® software also presented many challenging visual-puzzle activities, and we have used all of the Math and Reading Detective® software to help her fine-tune her critical thinking skills in the content areas. When she was 12, I purchased the Lexia Cross Trainer software. It was hugely expensive, and helpful, but The Critical Thinking Co.™ activities were just as useful and more varied to hold her interest, and much more reasonably priced. The materials haven't 'cured' my daughter, of course, but they have helped her stick with practicing her skills even when it is difficult. She 'asks' to play the second Building Thinking Skills® software nearly every day. Thank you!" - Sandy, MD


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