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Think-A-Grams B1

Verbal Picture Puzzles

Grades: 7-8

Critical Thinking

Grades: 7-8

Critical Thinking

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Description & Features

The fun, challenging, picture puzzles in this 104-page book bring together students' logical/objective (left-brain) and random/subjective (right-brain) thinking to sharpen their language and visual skills. Students analyze the way words are written (e.g., size, position, direction) to solve each puzzle using common idioms and words. This book is based on vocabulary for Grades 7-8.  Answers are included.

As students solve each puzzle, they'll improve:
    -  Spatial and creative reasoning
    -  Visual discrimination/visual memory
    -  Word memory and word retrieval
    -  Vocabulary

Product Details

Item#: 06302BBP
Author(s): Evelyne Graham
TOC: View Table Of Contents
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 0-89455-330-5
ISBN–13: 978-0-89455-330-1
Pages: 104

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"Think-A-Grams are beaucoodles of fun!" - Mary Pride, The Big Book Of Home Learning, Fenton, MO
"Think-A-Grams are great for non-native speakers of English because they teach a large variety of American cliches and idioms." - Young, Irvine, CA
"Challenging and entertaining...this is well done and encourages the reader to view ideas from a different perspective." - Customer, via the Internet
"My 14 year old daughter has extreme learning challenges. A year and a half ago she took an I.Q. test. The results came back that she was uneducable." I didn't accept that evaluation. I've now taken her through the Building Thinking Skills and Mathematical Reasoning books all the way up through Level 2. In the last year her I.Q. went up 32 points, and now she's working at a low sixth grade level. Of all the products I've used with her over the years, I saw the most progress using your Critical Thinking materials."" - Maxine, Winkler, Manitoba