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Fun-Time Phonics!™

Learning to Read

Grades: PreK-2

Language Arts

Full Curriculum

Grades: PreK-2

Language Arts

Full Curriculum

  •  Multiple Award Winner
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Description & Features

Finally, a fun, colorful, easy-to-use phonics program that is comprehension centered! This 320-page book is based on the scientific findings of the National Reading Commission. It emphasizes sound/spelling patterns, vocabulary, and comprehension, not memorization. The colorful game-like activities engage students through listening, thinking, speaking, and reading.

Fun-Time Phonics!™ teaches students that spoken words are composed of individual sounds (phonemes), and those sounds are written with letters. Armed with this understanding of how print works as a code, reading becomes much easier than other more complicated approaches. This program ensures complete phonemic awareness mastery by focusing on vowel isolation, which is often the most challenging–but most important–part of learning to read. Once students grasp how vowels influence the sound of the consonants and control the meaning of the words, they are only a step away from fluency.

Fun-Time Phonics!™ is a classroom-proven program that is effective with all beginning readers. This fun, colorful, powerful program:

 -  Builds from students' natural speaking abilities, developing their auditory awareness of vowel sounds
 -  Incorporates multisensory instruction for introducing the alphabet and short vowels
 -  Involves multiple regions of the brain–analytical as well as artistic and language–providing various pathways to long-term memory and automatic word recall
 -  Utilizes co-articulation to introduce consonant sounds, eliminating traditional stumbling blocks and ensuring a successful reading start

Product Details

Item#: 10201PBP
Author(s): Robert Femiano
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Type: Student Book
Media: Paperback Book
License: Reproducible
ISBN–10: 1-60144-578-4
ISBN–13: 978-1-60144-578-0
Pages: 320, Color


Learning® Magazine 2018 Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom Tillywig Brain Child Award, 2015

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"We spent time in the book about 3-4 times per week. Fun-Time Phonics! is an 8×11″ non-consumable full-color 320-page book. It's not like any other phonics book that we have been exposed to and was a different experience. I love how I can look down and find the book easily in my bag as even the edges of the pages are a pale blue that make the book stand out very obviously. Based on research from the National Reading Commission, Fun-Time Phonics! is a program designed to focus on vowel patterns and isolating vowel sounds. While it would be easy to make this multi-sensory by adding in writing, my girls worked with me and this program solely as read aloud and point and so on as necessary. The lessons are broken down into building sections including the following topics:

Phonemic Awareness
Beginning and ending sounds
Putting sounds together
Short vowel sounds
Alphabetics (longest section)
Short vowel letters
Consonants and co-articulation
Beginning to Read
Words I Can Read

I found that the section of rhyming is really useful and incredible for my children to learn with. This is something that both my girls needed a little more work to fully grasp and in my experience not all phonics programs cover rhyming. I was glad to see this one did. Also the Words I Can Read section was a good review and assessment for AppleBlossom as well.

Instead of where most phonics programs might have a child choose between words that were completely different, Fun-Time Phonics! actually uses words that are a bit easy to confuse if you do not fully grasp the concept. At first I thought this was too difficult, but then I realized that it is advanced and I quite like challenging my children." - Creative Madness Mama, West Tennessee
"Fun-Time Phonics! is literally an open-and-go program. You sit down with your student, open the book, and easily teach the concepts without any prep work at all." - Paula,
"We love Fun-Time Phonics! Katherine evens smiles at the cute pictures and enjoys the format, which changes things up and doesn’t give her the same routine-based learning everyday. If you have a struggling reader, or an early reader that you want to get started on the right foot, I highly recommend this wonderful, reasonably priced curriculum. The 320-page paperback book is only $39.99 and they are getting ready to introduce a Windows-based program." - Paula,
"With Fun-Time Phonics!, children are introduced to the joy of reading through a series of exercises that parents, teachers, and students find fun and engaging. The book contains 100 short activities that teach phonemic and alphabetic skills while introducing vocabulary. The initial 14 lessons make children aware of the connection between speech and print through a series of simple, playful pre-reading exercises. Special attention is given to awareness of the middle vowel sound so essential to learning to read. The next section introduces the alphabet - first vowels, then consonants and co-articulation of consonants with vowels. The book's final six activities move kids into reading and understanding over 150 three-letter words. The wealth of game-like activities and colorful illustrations feel like play rather than work, allowing kids to enjoy themselves immensely while acquiring the skills and confidence that lead to fluency. " - Tillywig Brain Child Award Review,