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Fun-Time Phonics!™

Learning to Read

Grades: PreK-2

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

Full Curriculum

Fun-Time Phonics!™

Grades: PreK-2

Critical Thinking, Language Arts

Full Curriculum

  •  Multiple Award Winner

Finally, a fun, colorful, easy-to-use phonics program that is comprehension centered! This program is based on the scientific findings of the National Reading Commission. It emphasizes sound/spelling patterns, vocabulary, and comprehension, not memorization. The colorful, game-like activities engage students through listening, thinking, speaking, and reading.

Fun-Time Phonics!™ book and software app teach students that spoken words are composed of individual sounds (phonemes), and those sounds are written with letters. Armed with this understanding of how print works as a code, reading becomes much easier than other more complicated approaches. This program ensures complete phonemic awareness mastery by focusing on vowel isolation, which is often the most challenging–but most important–part of learning to read. Once students grasp how vowels influence the sound of the consonants and control the meaning of the words, they are only a step away from fluency.

Fun-Time Phonics!™ is a classroom-proven program that is effective with all beginning readers. This fun, colorful, powerful program:

 -  Builds from students' natural speaking abilities, developing their auditory awareness of vowel sounds
 -  Incorporates multisensory instruction for introducing the alphabet and short vowels
 -  Involves multiple regions of the brain–analytical as well as artistic and language–providing various pathways to long-term memory and automatic word recall
 -  Utilizes co-articulation to introduce consonant sounds, eliminating traditional stumbling blocks and ensuring a successful reading start

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Fun-Time Phonics!™ in our Preschool App Bundle:
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