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Essential Algebra for Advanced High School Math and SAT - eBook

Part of the Award-Winning Mathematical Reasoning™ Series

Grades: 8-11


Grades: 8-11


  •  Multiple Award Winner

Essential Algebra for Advanced High School Math and SAT - eBook


Description and Features


Description and Features

Teaching important algebraic concepts vital to success in advanced high school mathematics--the fundamental arithmetic principles that govern algebra, so students can apply them as needed in advanced courses and in life.

Description and Features

Discover Essential Algebra for Advanced High School and SAT, a 241-page math book in the esteemed Mathematical Reasoning series written by award-winning author and teacher with 30 years of expertise in secondary mathematics. This powerful resource teaches the ‘essential’ connection of arithmetic and geometric concepts with algebraic concepts. Without this understanding, students tend to memorize Algebra I problem-solving steps—which is sufficient to pass Algebra I—but leaves them unprepared for math courses beyond Algebra I and the SATs.

Algebra, the essential language of all advanced mathematics, lies at the core of this book's teachings. By delving into the generalized arithmetic that underpins algebra, students develop a solid foundation in the rules governing number and fraction operations, including factors and multiples. This vital knowledge empowers students to move beyond mere memorization of Algebra I problem-solving steps and confidently tackle the complexities of math courses beyond Algebra I.

Without the knowledge and skills taught in this book, students often struggle or even fail in advanced mathematics courses and on the SATs. Imagine a good high school student who sees a problem like 3•x•y•4 and hesitates to write 12xy due to uncertainty about the rules governing multiplication. Or not understanding how to add 2x to 1/4y to combine it into a single fraction. Or why –62 is different than (–6)2. It is easy to see that not having a strong understanding of the foundational rules of algebra can stop even the smartest students from succeeding in advanced high school math courses.

Essential Algebra for Advanced High School and SAT serves as a companion to an Algebra I course or aids in post-Algebra I readiness. To ensure students’ long-term success in advanced math beyond Algebra I, this book teaches the following 'essential' mathematics skills and concepts:

  • Understanding Terms and Order of Operations
  • Understanding the Family of Real Numbers
  • Rationals and Irrationals
  • Working with Terms and Polynomials
  • Polynomial Division, Factoring, and Rational Expressions
  • Solving Equations and Inequalities
  • Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
  • How Algebra is Used in Geometry
  • Understanding Functions
  • Working With Quadratic Equations and Functions

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Item#: 06983BEP
Author(s): Terri Husted
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Subject: Mathematics
Type: Student Book with Answers
Media: eBook
License: Printable
Pages: 241, Color


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